Counterfeit Identity Documents - Australia

Whilst not a new story, it is helpful to see the 'professional' angle to the production of counterfeit identity documents being discussed openly.  

Marketing by the counterfeit document supplier is confident, but name a salesman who is not going to speak confidently about their product.  Some of the products may be quite good on 'face value' but not under more intense scrutiny, others will be novelty value.      

Some of the documents discussed in the article are not intended to be identity documents, yet through community acceptance they have an 'identity value' and contribute strongly to the identity verification process.    

Bottom line though, no one is going to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars purchasing counterfeit documents for fun, there will be an intent.  In the absence of the ability to stop the production of these documents, the next barrier is to detect them through sound protocols, vigilant staff and meaningful responses.  

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