Signature Forgery | Is it or isn't it?

'There is a clear difference between signatures of Maryam Nawaz on these documents. Advocate Shahid Hamid had to provide a magnifying glass to court for analyzing his defendant s signatures.' 

An interesting arguement presented during a Supreme Court trial in Pakistan.  The fact that one signature may have a somewhat different appearance to another is not evidence of a different writer. Signatures are the result of human movement, therefore natural variation will be evident.  To truly evaluate the significance of any pictorial difference between signatures, a suitable quantity of specimen signatures would be required for comparison.  

One member of the Supreme Court bench in this matter commented that only an expert on signatures could provide an opinion on this matter, whilst another confirmed that the signatures did appear to be different.  

Courts are ultimately responsible for the decision (another point raised in this article), but they must be appropriately informed.  In this case, a true evaluation and explanation of the issues that need to be considered would be warranted.