The credibility of Syrian identity documents

International media articles are highlighting the integrity of Syrian passports as a major issue in the current climate.   The location of a Syrian passport at the scene of an attack in Paris on 13/11/2015 has strengthened the ongoing attention. 

Fraudulent passports are highly valuable if they achieve the aim for which they are obtained.  The assessment of documents, whether original or a reproduction, should occur at every opportunity to both understand those that are genuine, as well as build an understanding of the methodologies being employed to create and distribute those that are fraudulent.    

When dealing with high volumes of people in a humanitarian environment, mechanisms for early detection of fraudulent documents and identities are critical, to ensure an appropriate focus where it is warranted.  This is of course a worldwide issue.    

For organisations with any form of document assessment responsibility, a structured management and assessment process must be in place.  If not, then the door is open for something detectable to be missed, which may be scrutinised at a later date.