Coaching and training programmes 

It can be justifiably argued that a commitment to the workplace development through training and coaching programmes is in itself a project, with the investment seeking to meet expectations and achieve goals.  

If your project is focussed on the development of skills in the workplace, visit our pages discussing the diverse range of training products delivered by our team, or contact us to discuss.   

Review of business processes 

Robust integrity practices are required for businesses and government agencies assessing the integrity of applicants and the identity / qualification documents they submit.  Whether in a border control environment, front counter staff or an organisation with identity assessment responsibilities, our experts provide meaningful input with a focus on:

  • responses to risk surrounding original, non-original and electronic documents associated with an applicants identity, qualification or claim 
  • balancing integrity and efficiency
  • the independent assessment and critique of the integrity of your identity and secure documents and issuance procedures. 

International capacity building projects  

 In support of international projects, we use our years of technical and educational experience and provide subject matter expertise in the following areas: 

  • the development of document examination facilities and specialist staff
  • creating contemporary reference material to meet diverse audience requirements  
  • subject matter expertise and credibility in the delivery of document examination training products
  • document examination training needs assessments 
  • face to face, blended and eLearning training course conceptualisation, development and / or delivery
  • proficiency testing methodologies.