Our experienced and recognised forensic document examiners - John McGinn and Tonya Trubshoe - are qualified trainers who are well placed to build practical document examination skills in others, whether it be to the management and investigation of document related fraud, or to the assessment of the authenticity of identity documents.  

Our experts have developed and successfully implemented face-to-face training courses, specialised tertiary programmes and award winning eLearning products.  Through their experience, they have developed strong industry relationships which allow them to remain abreast of current trends in forensic science, emerging research in the field of document examination and techniques as they relate to documents and document security features.     

Tonya Trubshoe is the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) forensic document examination course coordinator and tutor, having led curriculum and subject development of the current tertiary qualification utilised by government and private document examination laboratories nationally and internationally. 

Having extensive training delivery experience in the government sector, our experts are attuned to the needs of diverse audiences that include investigators, managers, document assessors, front line border control officers and client service staff both nationally and internationally.

Document Examination Solutions provide contemporary learning products that value the application of adult learning principles and employ recognised coaching techniques to support the learning experience.