Engaging our services

An examination will not commence until formal written instructions are received, as all parties require a clear and unambiguous understanding of expectations.  

Whilst we are based in Perth Western Australia, we service law firms, government agencies, and large businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.    

Guidelines and standards

We adhere to the standards outlined in Practice Note CM7 Expert witnesses in proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia or equivalent.


Our examinations are conducted in accordance with methods applied in Australian government document examination laboratories.  

Quality assurance

Our reports are comprehensive and, along with our examinations, undergo rigorous quality assurance processes prior to release.


Our pricing is competitive however, as with any professional service, cost is not the sole factor in ensuring you are engaging the right people.  

Examinations away from the laboratory

Forensic document examinations are completed under laboratory conditions.   

Whilst examinations can be conducted remotely, such as in legal offices, courts or government departments, there will be limitations to what can be achieved and any opinion will most likely be qualified.

Every effort should be made to provide the original documents to us for examination in our laboratory.   

Examining copies

Original documents must always be submitted where available.

Examinations can be completed on non-original documents however there will be limitations in the process which can and regularly do impact our ability to reach an opinion.

Specimen material

Quality and quantity are equally important considerations when providing specimen handwriting or signature material for comparison.

To access our guide to obtaining specimen handwriting and signatures please click this icon.  

For best results, discuss requirements for obtaining appropriate specimen material with us prior to submitting documents for examination.