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document examination seminars and workshops
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interpreting document examination evidence

An overview of modern document examination services

Audience: Interested parties with a requirement for the knowledge.  These presentations are excellent as thought provoking content for government, business or industry forums.  

Course duration:  Typically  2 - 4 hours

  • Provide an overview of contemporary document examination services and how they can assist you.
  • Discuss the nature of handwriting and signature comparison.  
  • Focus on emerging issues in document and identity fraud. 
  • Reinforce how document examination techniques can be used effectively to gather critical evidence and resolve issues.
  • Use case studies to reinforce key points. 

Note: This course can be delivered as a seminar, interactive workshop or small group forum. 

Practical document examination for investigators - Effective use of time and resources

Audience:  Investigators, intelligence officers and managers.

Course duration: 2 days

Purpose:  In structuring this course, modules have been selected to educate investigators, intelligence officers and managers in relation to how document examination outcomes can be utilised as both an investigative tool and as forensic evidence.

The objective of this course is to discuss content ranging from physical evidence to expert evidence, and to build practical skills to interpret and deal with document fraud effectively at any stage in the investigative process.  

Note: This course does not provide a qualification in document examination.

Interpreting forensic document examination evidence and reports

Audience:  Lawyers, investigators and managers.

Course duration: Typically 2 - 4 hours

Purpose:  In structuring this course, content extends beyond the technical examination, focussing on the requirements and expectations of forensic reporting and the meaningful interpretation of the evidence presented.  

The objective of this course is to ensure forensic document examination evidence is interpreted and utilised as an effective tool in court proceedings or investigations.    

Note: This course can be delivered as a seminar, interactive workshop or small group forum.