Signature examination and comparison

Signatures provide some degree of authorisation or validation to a document.  They remain a powerful tool for transactions.  

Our experience has seen signature examinations conducted on the following type of documents:

  • financial loans  
  • legal contracts
  • real estate forms
  • birth, death and marriage forms
  • wills
  • suicide notes
  • medical records
  • domestic and international education qualifications

Signatures can develop over time and be influenced by a range of internal or external factors at the time they are written.  For this reason, the examination of signatures should be recognised as a complex process, where the examiner is required to consider a range of alternative propositions prior to forming an opinion.  

Our determination on whether a person has or has not signed a document has contributed to outcomes in investigations on matters such as homicide, major fraud, real estate scams, forgery, altered medical records, and towards establishing identity claims. 

As with the comparison of handwriting, meaningful examination outcomes are reliant on a number of variables including the supply of suitable specimen material  against which comparisons can be made. Please review some basic information about obtaining specimen signatures by clicking the button to the left.   

It is our recommendation that you contact us to discuss the requirements for signature comparisons, to ensure your efforts in obtaining specimen material are worthwhile.