The international environment

At Document Examination Solutions, our years of international engagement whilst employed in the government sector ensures we are conscious of sensitivities in the international environment.

With extensive experience in countries including Pakistan, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Peoples' Republic of China, South Africa and Indonesia our experts exposure is diverse.  

We develop our programmes and conduct ourselves accordingly.  

Project briefing

Contact Document Examination Solutions directly for a confidential discussion on your needs.  

We can combine our experience with yours and contribute to the management of an effective plan to account for the administrative, cultural and technical aspects of your project.  


Pricing structures vary depending on the nature and requirements of the project.  

Whilst our pricing is competitive, we recognise that cost is not the only factor to consider in your choice of the most effective service provider or consultant.    

Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.