Our 'off the shelf' intermediate courses are described below.  

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Identity documents - Are they real? 

Audience:  Front-line law enforcement and border control officers.

Course duration: 1 day

Purpose:  In structuring this course, modules have been selected to educate front-line officers and staff, and provide foundation knowledge to managers and investigators, about document and identity fraud.

The objective of this course is to raise awareness of the breadth of document and identity fraud and provide foundation skills for the recognition of fraud in the workplace.  


Practical document examination skills and knowledge - Effective use of time and resources.

Audience:  Investigators, intelligence officers and managers.

Course duration: 2 days

Purpose:  In structuring this course, modules have been selected to educate investigators, intelligence officers and managers in relation to how document examination outcomes can be utilised as both an investigative tool and as forensic evidence.

The objective of this coure is to discuss content ranging from physical evidence to expert evidence, and to build practical skills to interpret and deal with document fraud effectively at any stage in the investigative process.  

Note: This course does not provide a qualification in document examination.